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Mackie onyx blackjack latenz

96kHz sample.
Best described as wedge shaped, the Blackjack appears sturdily constructed and weight is reassuring.5 lb (700 grams).
In practice the bracket is functional and provides excellent visibility to the top panel which is home to smooth turning knobs made of a high quality plastic.
Theres even a mono button for input monitoring, so if youre just tracking guitar, you dont get it in just one ear.There are many similarly sized interfaces available, including the less costly Presonus Inspire (which is Firewirebased but nothing I've used yet has matched this combination of a good-quality interface with practical monitoring in such a robust package).Music playback through the Blackjack was also to a high standard, even at 'normal' sample rates, with a full but wellcontrolled low end and smooth, extended highs.At the rear, we find a USB connection, a pair of monitor outputs on quarterinch jacks and the two 'combi' jack/XLR inputs.Other than an S/pdif input, there's really nothing more you could ask for in a basic interface, and while there are cheaper alternatives, once you add in the cost of a monitor controller/headphone amp and take into account both the mechanical and audio quality, the Blackjack starts.Its all very tidy, leaving the cable sprawl at the rear, apart from the 1/4 headphone socket on the front.The weight of the Onyx Blackjack is an advantage too, at 800g it certainly doesnt be skate around the desk on the whim of a springy cable.There is no pad or lowcut filter on this version but there's plenty of headroom, and impressive signal transparency with up to 60dB of gain.The input control section mounted on the top of the unit is similarly straightforward, beginning with a gain control and selection switch for line/Hi-Z (instrument in) for each of the inputs.At.1kHz, you still get a 15Hz to 21kHz range.Importantly, the gain staging within the unit means that the preamp circuitry is correctly matched to the A-D conversion, to maintain headroom while minimising noise and distortion.The frequency response of the preamps and other analogue components extends some way beyond this, with the preamps being only.2dB down at 50kHz.In practice, many users of this interface will be recording.1 kHz or 48 kHz and should find their needs well met here.Use the XLR connectivity for mics and if you use the condenser sort, there is 48V phantom schecter blackjack c 7 купить power switching available too.The back panel is home to a pair of balanced audio inputs on combo XLR/TRS jack connectors, with the monitor output on just balanced TRS jack sockets.

The front panel kicks off with the gain controls for both channels with line/high impedance switching the latter option being for mainly for guitars that works on the 1/4 jack inputs.The Blackjack features two Onyx preamps, having mic/line inputs on 'combi' jacks/XLRs, with individual DI switching for using the line jacks as high-impedance inputs, and switchable global phantom power.There was a small but discernible difference between high and low sample rates, the higher rates seeming to give a fuller, slightly smoother sound that some might describe as more 'analogue'.Similarly our Windows 10 machine was able to download a working driver without intervention, though interestingly Mackie dont appear to officially support anything above Windows.For around 100.00 you get a rugged, simple maquetas de casinos and reliable USB interface that performs its primary task admirably.An important feature is the Input Monitor knob, which mixes the input signal with the DAW return mix for simple latencyfree 'source' monitoring.Responding to the demand for budget audio interfaces and inspired by the hardware design of their flagship Onyx-i series mixers, Mackie introduced the Onyx Blackjack, a dual channel USB audio interface.Image 2 of 2, with jack/XLR inputs and phantom power available all inputs are catered for.Balanced audio interfacing throughout, in the centre, the input monitor section performs duties of letting you either hear the signal direct.CR1604 was the breakthrough product for the company a mixer that is still in production in various guises.
The Blackjack works with both Mac and PC computers and is compatible with all the major DAW software, other than those software products tied to the manufacturer's own hardware.
The bottom line is that this simple and very affordable little unit delivers both on sound quality and convenience, in a package that's as robust as you could wish for.