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Metin 2 bonus pvm

To give a classic build again: 1st master: poison arrow 2nd master: fire arrow 3rd master: repetitive shot 4th master: arrow shower/featherwalk 5th master: arrow shower/ featherwalk, the fourth master is juegos sin internet para descargar iphone a difficult apuestas ficticias choice, both skills have advantages and disadvantages.
The items: before lvl 45, get yourself a lvl 42 Armour6 and a lvl 41 shield6.I also wanted to add that it might be advisable to start of with blade skills and switch to archery at lvl 29, this way you can lvl a bit faster in the beginning.Flying Talisman, throw a talisman to damage enemies.Note : A stat is maxed at 90 points, you gain 3 points per level.For lvling you can chose either daggers or swords, just what you prefer, advantage of sword will be that you can use it better for metins.Also try to get the Demon Keepsake Bio mission done before lvl 60 also try get M1 poly before lvl.This means you can hunt in parties with your partner.After you get lvl 65 you can try get some serious accessories, try replace the silver bracelet for a white gold one and get a heaven tears necklace as high as possible.As such, it is highly recommended to check out the.To round out the dragon shaman skill set is a fast, long distance attack similar to that of the healer shaman.Publicat de Gameforge 4D GmbH.I dont think there is a best way of putting stats, as long as you dont put any in INT and STR till both VIT and DEX are maxed.Money can be made from metins lvl (basically Map 2) and esoterics (lvl 30 2handed drops there).The effectiveness of the buff skills are dependent on skill level and intelligence only.Reflect, protect your partner or yourself with a reflecting circle.
There diego bonaldi are a few reasons for this, the most obvious being that fans are simply ineffective on horseback.
Do not, I repeat, do NOT put any points in INT until all other 3 stats are maxed!

You can also try to exchange the silver bracelet for a White Gold one, thought this is not necessary, but some more HP is never bad and you might also try get some lvl 70 daggers 7/8/9 for some nice pvm wep, again this isnt.This mean leveling will be very very hard.Lvl 61-65, exp will be best in cave2, if you cant buy tickets, or are to weak to kill here, cave1 or DT-runs will give enough exp.The other accessories: shoes and necklace arent that important till lvl.If you like to run in pvp: duels and wars: feather walk might be more suitable.At 75 I think you should take a break again, try to perfect your gear again and maybe start on some 75 weapons, a high skill 75 bow and avg 75 daggers will be deadly.
Shaman section of the forum to read about different opinions and experiences on this subject.
Weapons: Up to lvl 30 dont worry about bows, get some daggers, try at least 5/6 and change when you can use better ones again.

This way you can get War Horse easily.
Healing Force, healing Force shamans are characterized by their most valuable skill from which their name comes: cure, the skill that restores hp and has a chance to cure negative effects.
More importantly, bells generally have higher physical attack value than fans of equivalent level and quality.